A music excursion to Serbia

A group of Norwegian students and their professors are coming to Serbia on April 22 to get to know Serbian music and culture better.

On the initiative of Jovan Pavlovic, founder of Tutti Serbia and visiting professor at jazz department of NTNU in Trondheim, Norwegian music students and professors had a study visit to Serbia in 2013. They seemed to have loved it so much that now their younger colleagues have decided to repeat the tour.

The goal of the seven-day visit remains the same - to meet the Serbian music and culture. Tutti Serbia has prepared the trip to meet the best of the Serbian music scene.

The tour starts meeting their counterparts from the Belgrade’s Music Academy. That will at the same time be a rehearsal for their joint concert in Strogi Centar club in Belgrade on April 25 at 21:30.

Serbian trumpet princess, Danijela Veselinovic, will be in charge of introducing them to the Serbian traditional music, while famous trumpeter Marko Markovic will tell them secrets of the Roma music in Serbia.

April 27 is reserved for a concert of the famous Serbian composer and pianist Vasil Hadzimanov at Soul Society jazz club. After this, they are travelling to Novi Sad to meet colleagues from the Novi Sad Academy of Art, but also the famous Firchie Think Tank Studio.

Tutti Serbia has great experience in using music in removing borders by gathering groups of professional and amateur musicians with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, who come together to perform music concerts after only short periods of improvising during the rehearsals at the workshops. Tutti’s main objective is to create a long-standing and stable cooperation for all its participants by organising music seminars and concerts for artists from all over the world.

News and photo: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia

jovan pavlovic