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Jovan Pavlovic Trio

jovan pavlovic trio

Jovan Pavlovic - accordion
Gjermund Silset - double bass
Helge Norbakken - percussion

Rhythm and music impulses from many corners of the world, and virtuoso interaction with sparkling improvisations! The Jovan Pavlovic Trio has three reputable and experienced musicians who found each other. Individually, they are sought after partners of national and international world music scene - together they are dynamite! Serbian-Norwegian Pavlovic and the trio fights in the thrill of Balkan rhythms for Argentine tango and send cheerful note to classic tones and jazz!

Pavlovic is specialized in folk and romance music from Balkan, and he has taken the tradition further with his own innovative compositions. When he tops the team with bassist Gjermund Silset and percussionist Helge Norbakken, the result is beautiful musical experience!

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Tutti Serbia

tutti serbia

The purpose of Tutti Serbia project is to create long-standing and stable cooperation for all its participants by organizing music seminars and concerts for artists from all over the world. Musical, cultural and ethnic diversity of the people along with the process of their closer approach through music seminars and concerts is what makes this project unique. Tutti Serbia plays a leading part in this kind of cooperation by providing conditions for these uncommon encounters. The main activities are carried out through the Centre for World Music (Tutti World Music Center-Serbia). Leader of Tutti Serbia is Jovan Pavlovic.

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Jovan & Marko

tutti serbia

Despite having met only in 2010, Marko and Jovan connected immediately through their music: improvisation is their common language, it’s what brings them together in a showcase of talent and, above all, of their love for music.

Starting from a common point but developing according to their feelings and moods, both performers – as well as the public – never know what’s going to happen onward, each concert being one of a kind, sounding completely different from one another. Together onstage, Marko and Jovan push their musical limits through a music-based communication that creates an extremely exciting atmosphere not only on stage, but also in front of it, among the audience.

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Jovan Pavlovic ft Marko Markovic brass band

tutti serbia

It ’s the new sound of Balkan Brass" , World Music News Wire

MM BRASS BAND FT. JOVAN PAVLOVIC style is wide, from Roma, Serbian traditional and modern, latino and jazz music. On stage they mix diverse styles with powerful performances and positive energy.

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